Download (Patches)
Currently available:
  • The official patch, which fixes a number of gameplay issues and bugs.
  • The official bonus disk, which gives a new henchman, a new item, a new trap and a number of goodies.

Details and Download links:

The long awaited patch for Evil Genius has been released. You can grab it from VU: US version or EU version, and fixes the following issues:

  • Disguised sentry gun can now be researched.
  • Sentry gun range increased.
  • Agent AI fix for rooms behind locked doors.
  • Glossary crash fixes for 2 hyperlinks.
  • Rare loading crash.
  • Rare crash involving monkeys.
  • Extra hint added for objective 2 & the mixer.
  • The second mess hall counter has been renamed to "mixer".
  • Misleading "Load Save" option renamed to "Load and Save".
  • Rare crash bug when deleting certain outdoor traps fixed.
  • Rare crash bug when locking minions in during construction fixed.
  • Minor scripting fix for a couple of objects.
  • Minor fixes (text fixes & memory leaks).
  • Rare crash in Training Fixed.
  • Version added to Options screen.
  • Research button sometimes missing when reloading a saved game fixed.
  • Crash when saving during death cubicle animation fixed.
  • Agent memory crash fixed (when agents are around during room detonation).
  • Security desk crash fixed (holding down LMB to move it when it's destroyed).
  • Body bag crash fixed (when reloaded and assigned to a destroyed freezer rack).
Ensure that you restart the game after installing this patch - old save games may still encounter errors otherwise. I also suggest a full reinstall if you have previously installed any unofficial mods.

NEW!!! The Official bonus disk, available for download!
Download here from Fileplanet, or take a look at this forum thread for other ways of downloading it.

The bonus disk includes the following:

  • The bonus henchman, Colonel Blackheart
  • The bonus item, the Lay-Z Minion Recliner Chair
  • The bonus trap, the Nut Rupture Flashbang Launcher Palm Tree
  • A bunch of more goodies!

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