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A savegame at every objective (left click) will hopefully help a few people. This rar file contains 10 saved games at major stages in the game, on normal difficulty with Alexis as the Evil Genius. Unrar them using a program such as WinRAR and put them in your dynamic resources/layouts section of the Evil Genius folder. Thanks, Johnny Wu.

Fansite Kit (direct link, right click to download, 63 meg). This excellant fansite kit was put together by Vivendi, and includes information, loads of sreeenshots and images, and the original trailer. Check it out - it's a must for people interested in creating their own fansites. If you can't download from there for any reason, I have a smaller version (without the trailer) hosted at FilePlanet. (50meg)

Click here for the Evil Planet wallpaper collection!

Click away (left click) to download an awesome *huge* JPG Evil Genius banner - EXCLUSIVE for Evil Planet! 800kb, FilePlanet registration required.

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