Demis Hassabis
A little about the Evil Genius behind Evil Genius...

Demis Hassabis, still only in his mid-20's, is the little guy behind the whole of Elixir. Now an executive director, who has a decent "hands-on" level in the company (leaving the managing directors job to someone else!), Demis is in a very enviable position.

But, to be fair, he deserves it.

After teaching himself how to play chess at the age of four, he became a chess Master at twelve and was the highest ranked player of his age in the world. He also plays many other games to an accomplished level including Shogi, Go, and Diplomacy. He has won over 20 medals in total at the 1998, 1999, 2000, 2002 and 2003 Mind Sports Olympiads, including the prestigious overall title, the Pentamind World Championship on all five occasions. For these achievements Demis was awarded the title of International Grand Master.

At the age of 15, Demis entered and won a competition to work at Bullfrog who, at the time, were developing a little known game called Theme Park. With his name to a game, Demis went on to work with Peter Molyneux on his new project, Black and White. Demis, however, left the project fairly early on.

Stopping off to pick up a "first" at Cambridge in Computer Science, Demis set himself the task of setting up his own company, Elixir Studios... which of course, you can read about on other pages of this site.

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