Let your really evil side shine through with this great side of the game...

Here is a list of all the traps and interrogation devices in the game, some with links to pictures and information.

Traps and Torture Device List

Indoor traps/sensors

Pressure Pad
Motion Sensor
Laser Sensor

Spinning Saw Blades
Blowing Trap
Tesla Coil
"Do Not Press"
Indoor Money Madness
Satan's Chimney
Beehive Trap
Confusing Pop-up trap
Knockout / Laughing Gas / Poison / Stupid / Loyalty knocking cage
Pit Punisher
Prometheus' Revenge
Damned Damsel

Outdoor traps/sensors

Pressure Pad
Exploding Coconut Tree
Outdoor Money Madness
Monkey In A Box
Venus Man Trap

Torture Devices

Interrogation Chair
Big Mixer
Library Bookshelf
Firing Range

And don't forget that many pieces of science equipment double up as torture devices... you can find these out for yourself!

Extra items

Crash Test Dummy

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