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Need a bit of help? Perhaps a cheat? Or just want to find something new? Look no further!

This section of the site contains pages of useful info, links to further guides and FAQ's, and links to conversation on the forums which you may find helpful. If you have anything useful to add to these pages, please go ahead and contact me!

Full Game Help

  • For general game assistance and a place to ask questions and find answers about all sections of the game, look no further than the many different sections of the forums.

  • Unsure how to complete a certain mission, or stuck not knowing what to do? Why not try our exclusive Objective/Mission guide featuring hints for all of the objectives - this should get you started! Spoiler warning.

  • Going crazy because you can't find out how to get a trap or object you have heard about, and you never seem to be able to research it? My exclusive Guide to Research lists specifically how to get every available item without resorting to cheats. Spoiler warning!

  • For down and dirty demo cheats to extend the life of your game (official and unofficial cheats), check out our cheats page.

  • Looking for a specific Act Of Infamy or cool loot item, but don't know where it is? Check out this Location Guide written by forum member HomoUniversalis.

  • Ready to design your base on island 2, but not sure how to properly design a cool layout in such a large space? Well, this absolutely brilliant online layout deisgning tool from Slight.

  • This is not integrated into the site yet, but I expect many will want to print it anyway, so it's currently in a download doc format. This direct download has a complete list of all Act's of Infamy and their requirements, thanks to contibuter Johnny Wu.

  • Here is a mirror to the excellent and utterly huge FAQ about everything (except a walkthrough) which you can check out... it's amazingly detailed. Written by Saintly, from GameFAQ's.

  • The columnist section has some useful articles, such as Maximillian on Medium (highly recommended) and World Domination for Dummies (also pretty good!).

Demo Help

  • For general demo assitance and a place to ask questions and find answers about all sections of the demo, look no further than the demo section of our forums.

  • For information regarding modding, hacking, editing and general tinkering with the demo, check out the mod forum. Spoiler warning.

  • For the official demo FAQ with answers to most major problems with the demo check out the official Elixir Studios demo FAQ or our original unofficial longer version.

  • For down and dirty demo cheats to extend the life of your copy, check out our dev mode cheats page.

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