The game may not have been designed to be ultra mod friendly, but that's not stopping the mod community here at Evil Planet! Take a look at some of the stuff available...

Feel free to browse and enjoy this variety of modding tools, tutorials and guides. To catch up with the latest mods and updates, why not check out the modding section of the forum.

NOTE: Evil Planet takes no responsibility for any problems you encounter with your game or your system from a download on this site, all of which are posted in good faith that they are bug and virus free. You should also understand that installing unofficial patches could make it difficult to install future official patches.

Skin Packs are listed at the bottom of this page.

  • Official Mod: The first official patch has been released. Details on out patch page.

  • Check out our exclusive modding guide written by Lead Programmer of Evil Genius, Alex.

  • To help play around with all the files in the game, you may need an ERB editor. Check out this one (direct download, 17.5kb) made by forum member Franscisco Scaramanga.

  • If you want to edit any of the textures in the game, you'll need a texture decompressor. Elixir were kind enough to send me a small program to do this (US version, EU version plus brief documentation. A really useful tool. Thanks Elixir!

  • Take a look at this really useful guide to creating henchmen from existing characters - want Jet Chan to be on your side for once?!

  • Taking henchmen modding to a new level, this huge collection of new henchmen is prety fun, allowing you to have monkeys, Jet Chan, Number 2, Freaks and more to be under your direct control!

  • To quickly edit the number of minions you are allowed, check out this population hack guide.

  • Fixing a number of glitches, this unofficial patch is a neat collection of fixes.

  • This (externally hosted) guide to creating new bodyguards is another excellant write-up from Seipher.

  • Head off to the forums to check out a cool rock deletion tool which you can use to free up areas of your base, again created by Seipher.

  • A cool little unofficial tool for editing save games has been created by forum member EagleEye and is well worth checking out

  • Want to unlock the hidden henchman Colnel Blackheart in your copy of the game. This tiny download (direct link) has all the info. Thanks to Nexus for making it!

  • Gangster's mod manager (info) is great if you have loads of mods and want to keep order.

  • Here's a nifty tool for unlimited money... (externally hosted)

  • Got any orphaned briefcases? Check out this mini-guide to fixing your game here by StrikeFear

  • How about unlimited jail time? Externally hosted file.

Skin Packs

Want to try a bit of skinning? This image (290kb) detailing the process from VillainousVillain should give you a start!

Interested in skinning but don't want the hassle of making them yourself? Why not check out the following skin packs.

Villianous Villian's packs

Details of skin packs on this thread

The REAL Evil Genius' packs

Preliminary Round
Details of skin packs on this thread

Lord Shadow - The Darker EG collection

Details and download link on this thread

GangsterAngel - Various original skins

Details and download link on this thread

The Sinister Mastermind's packs

Special Edition 1
Special Edition 2
Details of skin packs on this thread
New! Check out the cool special skins for the artic base...

Evil Argon - Freezer Base

External link to files
Details and download link on this thread

Lord Thrakks' packs

Max and Henchmen
Details and download link on this thread

cxer0's packs

Arcade Cabinet
Details and download link on this thread

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