A consise collection of the best screenshots on the Internet.

The following pages include a selection of the best screenshots that I could find. There are more than these around, but these are some of the best and give you a good idea of how the game is played. Not much else to say, apart from the obvious spoiler warning - just enjoy!


Set 1 - beta shots direct from Elixir - October 2003

Set 2 - early screenshots from the net - August 2003

Set 3 - another set from early in the new year - January 2004

Set 4 - E3 2004 and Eli shots - June 2004.
The GUI is a little out of date, but otherwise these are good images.

Set 5 - Diary Collection - July 2004.
A selection of screenshots from various diaries and previews. Varied and interesting.

Set 6 - Stat screens! - Aug 2004.
A collection taken from Gamespot which show various aspects of the game.

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