Game Characters
The weird, the wacky, the wonderful... enjoy this list of every known Evil Genius character.

Every spy film, not to mention spy spoof film, has an impressive cast list of weird and wacky characters. Evil Genius is, of course, no exception... just browse through this nicely organised list for details of every character.

Some characters have a full bio and info listed - other more minor ones are named but you can find out the info for yourself!


The Evil Geniuses

You play as one of these evil characters throughout the game...

Shen Yu

The Henchmen

A list the main guys who do your dirty work...

Eli Barracuda
Red Ivan
The Matron
Lord Kane
The Butcher
Dr Neurocide
The Great Mesmero
Col. Blackheart (bonus henchman)

The Minions

A list the truly useful (but hey, expendable) little guys in your organisation...

Construction Worker
(MILITARY) Mercenary
(MILITARY) Marksman
(MILITARY) Martial Artist
(SCIENCE) Technician
(SCIENCE) Scientist
(SCIENCE) Biochemist
(SCIENCE) Quantum Physicist
(SOCIAL) Valet
(SOCIAL) Spindoctor
(SOCIAL) Diplomat
(SOCIAL) Playboy


Gotta know about your enemies of course!

Super Agents

SABRE Super Agent, John Steele
ANVIL Super Agent, Jet Chan
SMASH Super Agent, Marriana Mamba
HAMMER Super Agent, Katrina Frostinova
PATRIOT Super Agent, Dirk Masters

Enemy Agents

Every single agent in the game - great as a modding reference!

Burglars and Thieves (all types)
Investigators and Agents (all types)
Soldiers and Veterans (all types)
Saboteurs and Infiltrators (all types)

Extra Characters

They all count!

Tourists (all regions)
Hostages/Trainers (all types)
Crime Bosses (all regions)
Foreign Diplomats (all regions)
Other Characters

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