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Please note: The content of this FAQ is as correct as I can make it, and having experience playing the game, I would like to think there are no errors... but there may be. So don't shout at me if so!

General FAQ Information

This FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) has been created by Jonathan Mayer and co-webmaster Ergophobia, from the website www.evilplanet.com. Please don't steal it. However, you are welcome to link directly to it.

Last FAQ update: 29th May 2005

General Game Information

What is Evil Genius?

Evil Genius is a spy spoof, PC-only game which allows you as the "bad" guy to do base building, as well as the chance to fend off the forces of good as you try and build up your evil organisation. It's a great mix of fun and challenging gameplay, allowing the player to rise to the level of the ultimate Evil Genius with a Doomsday weapon to use to control the world...

The game includes world missions, real-time combat with pesky agents, base building, base defending with crazy traps and research. Check out the Game Information page for more!

When did it hit the shelves?

It came out on the 29th Sepetember (US) and 1st October (Rest of World)

Who made it?

The team behind the game was Elixir Studios, creators of Republic: the Revolution. Check out their website for more info, or check out the Elixir page on this website.

Who published it?

Elixir, who originally worked with Eidos, were publishing the game with Vivendi Universal Games, the company giving us Half Life 2.

What is the official website?

Check out www.howevilareyou.com. It hasn't been updated for some time now, but it's still a pretty decent standard. I don't think any more updates will come, so we'll have to bear with what it's now. The official forums are quite empty nowadays, so I'd rather advise you to visit our own, which are still alive and rockin'!

How much does Evil Genius cost?

Probably in the region of 15 - 20 (in the UK at least). Amazon are doing it for $19.99. Generally speaking, the same price as most other retail games. Bargain!

What are the system requirements for Evil Genius?

Some fairly detailed minimum and recommended specs have been posted on this forum thread. Check them out.

Will Evil Genius be released on any platforms other than the PC?

Well, since Elixir closed down a while ago, I think I can safely answer this question with a 'no'. Sadly.

Is there a demo?

Sure - grab it from my demo page, or click here for a list of other main mirrors.

Are Elixir needing beta-testers?

Not any more!

How long has the game been in production?

Since around 2001.

In-game Information

What can you do?

Check out the Game Information page for full details. I would suggest also taking a gander at any screenshots and videos you can find on this website to gain a good general understanding of what you can do.

Who do you take the role of?

You are the Evil Genius himself :). You can also control the action of your henchmen (up to 10 powerful characters that are ultra loyal to you and can be called upon to help out), and affect the actions (via your orders) of your minions. Check out the characters page for all the current information about all the characters in the game.

This is kinda like Dungeon Keeper isn't it?

Well, kinda... I guess. Seriously updated and a totally different angle though. It's also like Theme Hospital. Also like Theme Park. But hey, are these games bad?

Can you tell me a little more about the traps?

Sure, I guess! The trap system, which I have seen working, is one of the most fun parts of the game. The main aim of the trap is capture or kill any agents that try to infiltrate your base. Basically there are several types... surprise traps, movement traps, killing traps, etc. They can be hooked up to sensors so they are activated when an agent steps on the pad. The best bit, however, is that the traps can work together. Blow someone onto a slicer, then he get's off and walks straight into a hole... which spits him out and under a gas trap which will knock him out, ready to be picked up and placed behind bars.

What is your aim in the game?

Hmm... I guess I didn't explain this very well, did I. Your aim, as the Evil Genius, is to gain notoriety and finally build a Doomsday device to spring upon the world. This, basically, can be acquired by mocking your captives (classic spy style), or by taking increasingly "mad" missions to show the world how powerful you are. Of course, when the notoriety goes up, the heat is on... literally. Your heat rating dictates what type of official visitors you should expect. Heat will be gained when your minions are sent to various destinations in the world to steal loot or go on missions, and the higher the heat, the more powerful the agents that the various agencies will send.

How long will the game be?

As long as you want - base building games can be very long! In general, however, I would suggest that the game would be about 25 hours on first play, and maybe 20 hours for subsequent play. Don't take this to mean that the game is not intuitive, for the tutorials and help are excellent, but with any base building games, players will most certainly come to find base layouts and gameplay styles which will improve their chances of success.

How will the player win the game?

By building and deploying one of three Doomsday devices

Why should I buy it?

'Cos it looks cool. And, because loads of our forum members, who have already played the game, say it's cool. Is that enough for you?

I have another question!

Feel free to also ask questions on the forum, where I, along with a lot of other people will do our best to answer it. Check out the demo too, for ideas about how the game plays.

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