Work at Evil Planet
Feel like offering a helping hand to keep the best Evil Genius fansite remain the best?

We are always on the lookout for people to help with the site... the following list describes a few positions available:

News Poster

The news poster would be required to regularly (i.e. preferably daily) look for interesting news from around the web, and if found, post about it in a suitable way. An ideal candidate is someone who is heavily involved in the web forums, has good written and gramatical skills, loves the game, and is prepared to work regularly and reliably.

Feature Writer

Best suited to people who can't work daily but can spend time crafting well designed and written pieces on various aspects of the game. A good command of written English is required, as is knowledge of the game. An interesting and engaging writing style, suitable for the type of site that this is, is preferable.


Take a look at the columnist section for all the details.

Interested then? Click here for a form.

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