So... who are the evil geniuses behind Evil Planet?

Several people have had a massive input into the creation of this site, and it's important that they get a mention!

Site Designer - Dennis (aka Monoxism)

The site design and various images used throughout the site have been very kindly created especially for the site by Dennis. A very talented artist and web desiger, Dennis came up with the funky design for this site which has hardly changed at all since first created. His work is very much appreciated.

Site Coder and Technical Advisor - Mark (aka WebNutMark)

A master of many, many different languages, Mark took Dennis' design and brought it to reality. Not only that, he designed several images and ASP tools, as well as implementing the forum code. Without him, the site would never have become a reality.

Site Owner - Jon (aka EvilJon)

The webmaster of RepRev, a site made to follow the game Republic: The Revolution, Jon moved to set up Evil Planet to follow Elixir's second project soon after it was announced. He is the sole creator of all content and news posting, and is one of the forum administrators. Has spent a short time play-testing Evil Genius so knows more than most about the game... very useful!

Webmasters - Jon, Mark, Roain and Ergophobia

For some time, Jon took care of the site on his own, but after over a year's work, he found his job getting mixed up with the site too much. Therefore, two forum members were selected and promoted to Site Admins. Jon will keep his function as webmaster, but most tasks will be taken over by the new ones gradually.

Forum Admin's and Mod's - Matt (aka Mrs Frank Bloke), Archnosbod, Judge Dave, Quiky, Dameon, Saladin, Villainous Villain and Dragonoid Typhoon.

All the admins and moderators do a great job looking after the forum and are a very useful help. Thanks to them all for their help. Special thanks to Quiky, our server admin, for keeping the forum up and running.

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