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Want an Evil Lair of your very own? For free?(*) Read on!

Owning a website is a really fun thing to do, and developing one that is successful is a great achievment. Why not give it a go, and design a website based around one of the best game ideas ever... Evil Genius.

Here at Evil Planet (hosted by StrategyPlanet) we can offer you almost unlimited space and bandwidth for the your site and files.

There are various rules and regulations that StrategyPlanet require so that's the first place to read up. If you still want to go ahead, then why not e-mail me and you can explain your ideas for your site. Note that another "general" Evil Genius site is not required, as Evil Planet is here for this, but a site specifically based around one area of the game (such as map creation) is welcomed.

Why not give it a go?

Did you check out our wiki yet?
Yeah, I even added a thing or two.
Yeah, it's looking good so far!
Yeah, but I don't really see the point.
No, but I surely will!
No, and I don't suppose I will.
Huh? What IS a wiki?

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