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Here are several links to official sites, fansites and other general sites of interest. If you know of an Evil Genius fansite that is unknown to us, please feel free to e-mail me about it!)

Official Sites

How Evil Are You?!? - Official Evil Genius homepage. There are forums there, although they are a little quiet. A small selection of images and official news make it a worthwhile visit every now and again.

Elixir Studios - The homepage of Elixir Studios, creators of the game. The site is not updated more than once a month or so, but dig deep into the website and there is a decent amount of information. The HTML version is suggested if you are on a dial-up connection.

Vivendi Universal Games - The homepage of Vivendi, the publishers of Evil Genius. A little bit of information on the game, but you would only really want to go here for company information.

Other Evil Genius Fansites

French EG fansite - The first fansite other than my own, and whilst it is sadly in French, it looks like it has good regular updates and increasing amounts of content.

German Evil Genius Fan Site - Another Evil Genius fansite, a very young one at the moment. A very decent forum for all German Evil Geniuses!

Finnish Evil Genius Fan Site - (Suomenkielinen Evil Genius Fanisaitti) - A rather funky looking fansite for anyone who speaks Finnish!

Other Sites of Interest

RepRev - The sister site to Evil Planet, focusing on Elixir's first game "Republic: The Revolution". Pretty much everything you could want to know about the game is here.

StrategyPlanet - My hosts, StrategyPlanet (owned by Gamespy) are very good and very reliable. Thanks guys!

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